Social Media Videos

Social Video Ads are the impressive marketing method used to talk about your brand to your audiences and drive their engagements. These videos are specifically crafted to be posted on social media platforms and optimized for multiple devices viewing

Social media videos have a world of possibilities. They can be a powerful tool to generate build awareness, educate your audience, attract their attention and the list goes on. Hence, creating social video ads has become an essential aspect of any marketing campaign.


How Much Does A Social Media Video Cost?

When it comes to the cost of a Social Media Video, several elements come into play.

The most significant elements are….
The style | The length | The time duration | The complexity

With that said, a fully customized social media video may cost between 2,500 to 15,000 USD. A social media video is a great investment to create brand awareness, drive traffic and get everybody excited to start using it.

When To Use Social Media Videos?

Social media videos are used to build brand awareness and drive engagement such as likes, shares, comments etc.


What Are The Some Key Characteristics Of A Social Media Video?

  1. Light and digestible
  2. Engaging and entertaining
  3. Short & simple
  4. Connecting and have a call-to-action

Some of the Explainer Videos we’ve made:

Social Video Ads

Social Video Ads

Social Video Ads