What Is A Whiteboard Video?

Enjoy the topping of delightful velocity and eye-catching visuals with a whiteboard video! These videos give a ride back through Nostalgia lane to your audiences.

Recall your schooling days; how your teacher solved a complex math equation on the blackboard and made it look so simple! A whiteboard video does the same in your business life. Whiteboard Videos help you get your message across in the most explicable way possible.


What Are The Steps In Creating A Whiteboard Video?

  1. Start with the script
  2. Storyboard the sequence
  3. Choose your whiteboard style.
  4. Choose your stroke style and color
  5. Animate your whiteboard video!
  6. Sprinkle some music and voice
  7. Preview and Export

What Are The Some Key Characteristics Of An Awesome Whiteboard Video?

  1. Informative & educational
  2. Clear & concise
  3. Short & Simple

Some of the Explainer Videos we’ve made:

Non Profit

Non Profit

Non Profit