How can you explain your value proposition through a video?


The motive of any business is expanding its customer base and maximising their profit. The best way for any company to do that is through a value proposition.

What is Value proposition?

Value proposition is a strategy that enables a company to be more interactive and engaging with their customer base. The value proposition informs the customer about how a certain company provides a better product/service than the other competitors in the market. It also enables a customer to understand the policies and terms of the company and make them realise how they can benefit from the product/service. Value propositions allows a customer or an institution to make more informed choice and hence helps the customer in choosing a better product and also allowing the company to understand what more can they do to boost business.

Why is value proposition important?

There are a lot of companies that provide good products and services but their customer base is not as big as it should be. And the main reason behind this is the lack of customer engagement and catering the demands of customer. This problem can easily be rectified with the use of Value proposition, which serves as a bridge of trust and involvement between the customer and the company. Having a value proposition really gives a company a serious head-start over its other competitors and its also bridges the communication gap between the user and the provider. Thus, value proposition gives a better understanding of a company’s morals and values helping the customer to make an informed and educated decision of investing in a company’s product/service, thus enabling a free and a fair competition in the market.

Why videos are a better tool for Value proposition?

Most value propositions issued by companies are in the form of documents that contains loads of useful information but this important information is often overlooked and thus it fails to serve its purpose of bridging the gaps between the user and the provider. This information should be provided in a more captivating and time efficient manner, therefore, videos are a better tool for delivering this crucial information of Value propositions to the consumer.

Advantages of using videos for value propositions:

  •  The variation that comes because of the use of videos in value proposition is immense. One can use power point presentation, slide shows, detailed graphs and charts and projections to explain the technical features in the value proposition.
  •  The videos can be made extremely engaging with the help of multiple features like graphic designing, animations and real time recordings as well.
  •  The logos and the taglines of the company can also be incorporated in the videos to generate a sense of relationship between the company and the consumer.

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