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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I work with Tomfx Design Labs?

    We have a team of efficient and energetic professionals who are heartily committed to each of our clients. They work in partnership with you to carefully craft high quality content that may precisely fit your requirements. We create bespoke videos for a large pool of clients coming from different industries.

    How long does it take to produce a video?

    It depends. There are several factors that decide how much time it will take to deliver you the high quality videos. It takes time to produce a good quality video and we are not one who can compromise on quality or cut corners just to speed up the process. On average, it takes around 6-10 weeks times in creating a high quality video, which does not include the time required to receive your feedback and do revisions. It may take an additional 3-4 weeks to do revisions and deliver the desired videos, depending on the complexity and quantity of your requests, also, your feedback turnaround time. The rest depends on how quickly you provide feedback, how complex the changes are and how many revisions are requested.

    For us, every client is precious and so as their projects to us. Hence, the complexity of the project will impact the time needed to craft an animated video.

    Is it possible to speed up the production process?

    Yes! It is fairly possible to speed up the production process!

    However, do keep in mind while requesting for the faster deliveries that it may slightly increase the price of our services. We charge a bit higher for delivering faster service so that we may accommodate the increased production effort essential to meet together deadlines. With that said, order your video production request now; because the faster we start, the sooner we can get the amazing videos created for you.

    Contact us today so that we may begin crafting the excellent marketing piece your brand needs to stand out of the crowd!

    What types of videos do you offer?

    If it is a video, we can probably offer anything! Since we have a ground-breaking video production strategy, we can successfully produce a lot of dissimilar types of video content. You can count on us to create branding videos, screencast tutorials, TV spots, explainer videos, company story videos, demo videos, customer testimonials, and many more.

    We carry the core competence in dealing with the latest techniques including 2D and 3D animation, cell animation, stop motion, motion graphics, paper-craft, live action, and screen-casting. We also specialize in making Clay-motion, puppetry, and whatever else you might be in to.

    Why custom video’s are expensive?

    It takes time to create custom videos of a premium standard. For producing the high quality custom video, we pay attention to every detail and require the proficiency of an in-house team of talented artists. Unlike the other industries, there is no way to cut down costs without affecting the quality of a custom video.

    How much does a typical video cost?

    It depends! There is no pre-defined price that can match all types of videos. There are many factors that play a pivotal part in deciding the price of an animated video. Run-time/length, deadline, style, industry are just to name a few crucial factors that determine the pricing of your video. On average, an animated video costs anywhere between $800 and $5000.

    To get an exact quote for your video production needs, contact us now! We will be happy to get back to you in no time!